FAQ for School Graduates

Questions about internships for high school students

Can I complete an internship with Steuler at any time?

You can complete an internship with Steuler at any time. However, for us it’s vital that we provide you with the right support as an intern. We therefore have to check whether we’ll be able to support you for the period and in the department that you’ve requested.

How long does an internship last?

At Steuler, we don’t specify a particular length of time for internships. For high school students, however, we commonly offer placements of two to three weeks.
Questions about apprenticeship careers

How do I identify the right kind of apprenticeship?

You can find plenty of information about all types of careers on our website or elsewhere on the Internet. There you’ll find detailed descriptions for specific occupations. Our useful links can also help you to identify the perfect apprenticeship career. 

What tasks will I be assigned as part of my apprenticeship?

The types of task you can expect to work on at Steuler are described more fully in our job descriptions, for example. In general, we’d recommend that you complete an orientation placement beforehand in order to find out more about a particular role.

What apprenticeships are available at Steuler?

As a recognised IHK apprenticeship provider, we offer a wide range of career paths in the commercial, scientific and technical fields. You can find a list of our current apprenticeship vacancies by visiting our job portal.

How long does an apprenticeship take?

Apprenticeships are usually for a period of 2 to 3 1/2 years. If you’ve achieved good results at school and in consultation with both the company and your high school, you can reduce the length of your apprenticeship in some cases. For certain apprenticeships, if you have a (vocational) high school diploma you can shorten your apprenticeship period to only 12 months right from the outset.
Questions about my apprenticeship

When does the apprenticeship start?

At Steuler, an apprenticeship usually starts on 1 August of the year concerned. Joining the scheme by another route at other times of year may be possible, subject to consultation with the vocational college and the IHK (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which supports apprenticeship schemes in Germany).

Who will support me during my apprenticeship?

During your training at Steuler you’ll be supported primarily by the specialist trainer assigned to you and by the training manager, who ensure that the training content is being taught. In addition, our training officers will take care of any additional subject-specific training and, at regular intervals, carry out appraisal sessions with the apprentices.

What will I earn during my training?

As an apprentice at Steuler you’ll be paid a wage at the collectively agreed rate, with an annual increase as you progress through your vocational training. This means that you’ll have a clear idea about your earnings right from the start and can soon begin to make plans with the money you earn.

How many days of annual leave am I entitled to during my apprenticeship?

All our apprentices, no matter what career path they follow, are entitled to 30 days’ paid holiday per year. 

How likely am I to be taken on after my apprenticeship?

Our apprenticeships are an integral part of our system for developing our future workforce. We therefore have a keen interest in continuing to work with you after your apprenticeship. Our aim is to help you identify your career goals right from the start and then turn those ideas into reality. 
Questions on the application process

When should I apply for an apprenticeship or internship?

We normally advertise apprenticeship places for the following training year after the summer holidays. From that point on you can apply to Steuler. Applications sent after that time may still be successful providing that not all of the apprenticeship places have been taken. You can view the latest unfilled vacancies on our job portal.
Application for internships can be submitted at any time. 

What method should I use to apply?

We prefer to receive your application online, via our job portal.

What must my application include?

A complete application should include a cover letter in which you explain why you want join the Steuler team and train for your chosen career. In addition, you should include a CV together with a photograph, your two most recent school reports and, if available, any work or internship references and certificates. When applying for a position as an intern, we also require details of the dates on which you’d prefer to complete your internship.

What happens after you receive my application?

Immediately after we receive your application you’ll be sent an acknowledgement of receipt. Your application will then be checked for completeness and evaluated. This can take some time. Once we’ve concluded the review process, we’ll contact you with further information.